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Starting July 30th,
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WarriorPlus Version
"Kartel" GOES LIVE ON:
July 30th
Proven Funnel - Make Up To $1,000 per Sale
With our standard 100% Frontend Commissions and 50% on all Upgrades
Earlybird Details
Kartel goes live on July 30th @ 9am EST.
Earlybird pricing is frozen at $12.95 for the first 3 hours, then the dimesale kicks off.
Funnel Breakdown
Kartel FE: is a brand new software / training solution that you're going to LOVE. the software covers 2 crucial points;

1. - Traffic: The software will seek out "un-tapped" monetizable YouTube channels for you to place your ads on. These channels get a LOT of quality traffic yet are un-tapped meaning that your clicks will be less than $0.20. You can use the software to search channels based on a niche keyword... in ANY possible niche

2. - Monetize: The second part of the software creates adwords compliant "Static" pages where you can place an auto-webinar video where a Professional marketer will sell your traffic onto a "High-Ticket" offer, earning you upwards of $500 per sale.

Training is included on 3 different "Difficulty" levels showing you EXACTLY hot to make BIG money from $0.20 clicks... step-by-step

Upgrade 1 ($67) - "Kartel Pro" The FE of Kartel is limited to 20 searches per month and 5 money pages. With the PRO version you get UNLIMITED access to searches and money pages making this software truly limit-less. Additional training inside the pro version will also show you how to add your tracking pixels to your static pages and re-target non-buyers back to your page... resulting in LOWER click costs and a HIGHER profit margin.

Upgrade 2 ($197) - "Done For You" Campaigns. For the next 360 days, you can benefit from DFY bonus pages, Review video's and even emails... These have been carefully crafted by a PRO marketer for you to Copy & Paste as your own. These will be delivered via email on a bi-weekly basis for any future launches. We will also help you to get approved for the said products. THIS IS A MASSIVE TIME SAVER!!

Upgrade 3 ($197) - "Steal Our 3.8 Million List". Put your tracking pixels on our sales pages and take advantage of hundreds of thousands of visitors. Customers get to keep all of the tracking data to use for their own promotions. This is as close as it gets to building a HUGE list overnight.

Upgrade 4 ($197) - "Our $1k Commission System" A complete DFY solution for you to use our video ads and targeting together with our own high ticket offer which pays out $1000 commissions per sale. All of the ground work has been done leaving you to target and profit.
Upgrade 5 ($167) - Licence Rights to sell "Kartel" as their own product

Contest Prizes
$5,000 Overall - No Minimums!
Main $2750 Contest
Duration: 3.5 Days
Contest Starts: July 30th @ 9am EST
Contest Ends: August 2nd @ 11:59pm EST
*Contest is based on TOTAL unit sales. 
*Teams Allowed
1st- $1000
2nd- $750
3rd- $600
4th - $300
5th - $200
6th - $150
7th - $100
8th - $75
9th - $50
10th - $50
*No Minimums :)
Speed $1700 Contest
Duration: 1 Days
Contest Starts: July 30th @ 9am EST
Contest Ends: July 31st @ 11:59pm EST
*Contest is based on TOTAL unit sales.
1st- $1000
2nd- $500
3rd- $250
*No Minimums :)
Jono, & Brendan Can send
100 - 600 sales to your launch!